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We Are Seeds Scavenger Hunt

We Are Seeds Scavenger Hunt, 2021

We Are Seeds was a sustainability-conscious scavenger hunt by T.L. Luke in Madison, WI. This event was part of Winter is Alive! a cooler world carnival (a city-wide, multi-disciplinary event fusing art and spectacle to revision climate change and activate a global relationship) in an effort to educate the community about local sustainable action items and to highlight 50+ local small businesses who have gone above and beyond during this pandemic

This event was from February 12th - March 7th, 2021, but you can still see the decals on some of the small businesses around Madison today! 

Please click the links below for more information about each sustainability action item: 


Illustrator & We Are Seeds Organizer: T.L. Luke

We Are Seeds Collaborator: Madison's Central Business Improvement District and City of Madison

Winter is Alive! Organizers: Tamsie Ringler, Bethany Jurewicz, and Karin Wolf

Sustainability Wisdom: Sustain Dane

Decal Fabricator: Billy Goat Graphics (Madison, WI)

T.L.'s Executive Assistant & Researcher: Eli Watson

"They buried us, but they didn't know we were seeds." - Dinos Christianopoulos

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