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Old Commissions Page

Commission Books are CLOSED until JAN 2021!

I pride myself on timely commissions, open communication, and negotiable rates. If you’re interested in commissioning me, please don’t hesitate to reach out using the Commission Request Form below. I will respond within 1-3 business days.

Example Price Breakdowns

Here are some example prices that I charge for individuals*. Please see above for visual examples in order of price!

  • $75 minimum: Animal Portrait (No Background). This is the starting price for one animal subject (example: your dog, your cat, your pet rock, etc) with white space behind it. It goes up by $25 per additional subject (example: $100 for two tortoises, $125 for your cat, dog, and llama, etc.).

  • $100 minimum: People Portrait (No Background). This is the starting price for one subject (example: your partner, your sister, etc) with white space behind it. It goes up by $25 per additional subject, including animals (example: $125 for son and daughter or dog and child. $150 for your two kids and dog, etc.).

  • $175 minimum: Simple Portrait (Simple Background). This minimum price would include a maximum of one subject with a simple background (example: your dog in a simple garden, an alien floating in space). This does not include complex backgrounds. Goes up by $25 per additional subject.

  • $275 minimum: Complex Portrait (Complex Background). This includes maximum of 2 subjects with a complex background (example: your family in a forested area, your cats in a complex garden, you on a mountain fighting a dragon). This also goes up by $25 per additional subject (3+).

  • All prices above are for black and white illustrations. If you would like half color and half black and white, add $40 to the above breakdowns. If you would like full color, add $75.
    • For example, if you want a full color portrait of you and your husband, that's $100 (base single portrait, no background) + $25 (a second subject) + $75 (full color) = $200 total. 
    • Why so expensive? Color takes more time to do so I'm budgeting for an extra hour+ worth of work. Black and white take significantly less time so it's cheaper! Do let me know if you have any questions about this, I'm always happy to discuss! 

Everything is negotiable and I work with your budget (within reason!). This general price structure is to maintain a $50-75/hour wage. And yes, I do accept tips if you believe I went above and beyond what you were expecting! I only mention this because this is a frequently asked question. :)

*If you are a business looking for logos, advertisements, or any other illustration, prices are subject to contractual usage rights with a starting rate of $300 minimum. I also respect nonprofit business budgets with a valid nonprofit tax number.


Example Client Work:



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