We Are Seeds: #9 of 10

Action Item 9: Support Voting Accessibility!

Voter ID laws, difficulty identifying and contacting elected officials, and polling locations made inaccessible by location and time constraints affect all of us in non-pandemic years. These barriers were exacerbated by safety concerns during the pandemic, and disproportionately affect disabled voters.

Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition advocates for expansions of vote-by-mail policies, increasing accessibility of voter education about registration, obtaining IDs, maintaining/restoring voting rights to disabled adults, and poll transportation options. They also advocate for increased accessibility on websites, (such as ASL interpreters, captions, high-contrast text, and image IDs), and for ADA-compliant ballots that work with screen readers.

Why is this sustainable?

Sustain Dane explains that large gaps in voter turnout can increase socioeconomic inequality. And while voter turnout is higher in federal election years, many changes in city and county leadership, taxes, and infrastructure have a greater effect on individual voters, but turnout for these elections is frequently below 30%.

Speaking of which, we have a Wisconsin Spring Primary on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 (now passed) and a Wisconsin Spring Election on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.


Thank you so much for participating in We Are Seeds, the sustainability-conscious scavenger hunt by T.L. Luke here in Madison, WI! This event is part of Winter is Alive! a cooler world carnival (a city-wide, multi-disciplinary event fusing art and spectacle to revision climate change and activate a global relationship) in an effort to educate the community about local sustainable action items and to highlight 50 local small businesses who have gone above and beyond during this pandemic

This event will be going on from February 12th - March 7th, 2021.

Participation Info

Did you know that if you find ALL 10 sustainability action items around Madison, you can be entered to WIN 1 of over 50 prizes, including a $100 downtown shopping spree, all donated by the incredible participating businesses?! Yeah, it's freaking true! 

  1. Take a photo of all 10 illustrations.
  2. Post all 10 on Instagram or Facebook (make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC or else we will not see your post!).
  3. In your post, include @tl.luke (Instagram) or @tl.luke.art / T.L. Luke Art (Facebook) and #weareseedshunt
  4. And that's it!! So easy!

On February 28th we will start compiling everyone who found all 10 and add you to the lottery! Winners will be picked on March 1st

If you had trouble finding all 10, no worries! We'll be posting the locations of all the decals on March 1st so you can enjoy the hunt too!

Clue Locations

Clues will be gradually posted at the following locations throughout the duration of the event:

Happy hunting, Madison! And don't forget, we are the seeds of change in our community! 


Illustrator & We Are Seeds Organizer: T.L. Luke

We Are Seeds Collaborator: Madison's Central Business Improvement District and City of Madison

Winter is Alive! Organizers: Tamsie Ringler, Bethany Jurewicz, and Karin Wolf

Sustainability Wisdom: Sustain Dane

Decal Fabricator: Billy Goat Graphics (Madison, WI)

T.L.'s Executive Assistant & Researcher: Eli Watson

"They buried us, but they didn't know we were seeds." - Dinos Christianopoulos