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T.L. Luke Studio: Location & Pickup

T.L. Luke's Studio Location:

  • Part of the Madison Enterprise Center:
  • 100 S. Baldwin St. Suite 300-C, Madison, WI
  • Located within the Commonwealth Gallery: 3rd Floor

Building / Pickup Hours:

    • Monday - Friday: 6AM - 6PM
    • Saturday: 9AM - 1PM
    • Sunday: Closed

    Visiting Hours:



      • Free Parking in narrow lot alongside building.
      • Please park diagonally on the right side of the lot (row furthest from the building), to accommodate more vehicles. (Yes, there are lines that suggest you should park perpendicular to left side of lot / row closest to the building. Ignore those lines. You will not be penalized.)

      Local Pickup Location:

      • 3rd Floor, outside of Elevators and Gallery Entrance.
      • You will receive an email when your order is ready for pickup.
      • If your order isn't there, reply to the email and we'll help!

      Elevator Instructions:

      • Turn left from the entrance foyer.
      • Turn right and walk past the mailboxes.
      • Turn right into the loading dock.
      • Elevator is to the right.
      • Go to 3rd Floor.
      • Pickup Location is outside of Elevator doors.
      • Turn left to go into Commonwealth Gallery.


      Stair Instructions:

      • Go straight from the entrance foyer.
      • Climb stairs to the 3rd Floor.
      • At the 3rd floor landing, turn left.
      • Go straight through the door and up the hallway.
      • Turn left.
      • Pickup Location will be on the right, under the window.
      • Elevator will be on the left.
      • Go straight through the Commonwealth Gallery entrance.


      Inside Gallery Instructions:

      • Turn left upon entering gallery and walk toward the floating wall.
      • Turn right once behind the floating wall (there will be a hallway).
      • T.L. Luke's Studio is the first black door (or the center door of said hallway).

      Additional Notes:

      • The Commonwealth Gallery is occasionally closed for exhibition installations.
        • This will NOT effect your ability to pick up orders, as the Pickup Basket is located OUTSIDE the gallery doors. 
      • The Studio is by Appointment Only via Calendly.
      • The Studio is a Safe Space and T.L. Luke can remove any persons making her (or guests) uncomfortable. Be respectful of T.L. Luke's time and space.

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