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Panel 1: Recently, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to slow down and think about what kind of art I want to make as we enter this new era of creation. One thing immediately stood out:

Panel 2: Before the pandemic and during, my own anxieties about my art, my biz, my public persona, all caused me to compare myself to my colleagues and effectively paralyzed me from even creating, which then made me feel more behind, more anxious, into a full spiral of self-loathing. (Sound familiar?)

Panel 3: But, I recognized (with the help of therapy and supportive friends and partner) that this was really unsustainable and, most importantly, a learned behavior that I could unlearn with time! And to think, I thought that crippling anxiety was just par for the course. But it’s fucking not. We were taught wrong. Suffering doesn’t make good art, it makes NO art.


Trying something new.

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