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Bats and Birthdays Print & Postcard

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Bats and Birthdays Print & Postcard

Bats and Birthdays?

When I think about birthdays, I can't help but reminisce about the parties I had as a child. We would all recklessly run around the yard, and at least one of my friends would go home with scratches and bruises from playful roughhousing.

Afterwards, I would sneak away and explore the forest that was my backyard. It was mostly overgrown and chaotic, but there was one area where all the pine trees grew taller than three or four stories, all trunks with the branches far above the ground. They were in the organized lines where they had been originally planted probably decades before I had been born, and I would quietly walk between them before hitting a county road that signaled I had gone too far.

These memories inspired this illustration of a girl, walking among the sequential pine trunks to apologetically bring her injured bat friend back to the mama bat. The sun is setting and it's not clear how far she is from home but, as is thematic of all of my illustrations, she does not seem concerned.

As a fun little aside, Satanists believe that one's birthday is actually the most important holiday of the year, as it reflects one's ego (since every holiday is really about a certain individual's ego and/or reputation). By celebrating your own birthday, in a way you're elevating yourself to that of a "god" (per the Satanic bible). I love this interpretation, and decided to add a bit of that into this illustration as well! It's a small "easter egg" but it's there!



  • 11x14 inches (Standard Size) on Medium Letter Paper (Matte)
  • 5x7 inches (Standard Size) on Heavy Card Stock (100% Recycled Paper)
  • An extra wish when you blow out the birthday candles this year!


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