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Beltane Gamble II Print & Postcard

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Beltane Gamble II Print & Postcard

The first Beltane Gamble was created in 2018, depicting four gamblers in a rainy field of flowers. Beltane Gamble II takes place 5 years later (drawn in 2023), the same field, the same four gamblers--but this time it's storming, they're huddled under a small tent lit by paper lanterns, there is a heated exchange between the Bear and the Millipede, the Hare is up to his old tricks again, and our Girl has lifted her mask, clearly enjoying the exchange. Who do you think is winning?


  • 11x14 inches (Standard Size) on Heavy Letter Paper (Satin)
  • 5x7 inches (Standard Size) on Heavy Card Stock (Satin)

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