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Business Murals

If you're an individual interested in a mural for your home or garage, please use the form below! The prices listed on this page are for businesses, my individual mural prices are negotiable and cheaper! 

Murals and Pandemics

We’re all trying to make the best out of the bad (and that's an understatement!) situation COVID-19 has caused for all small businesses. That said, with businesses temporarily closed to the public, this is an oddly perfect time to add murals to the walls when it would normally be a headache.

If you have been wanting a mural but haven’t known when or how to get started, I would love to assist you in making the process as easy as possible.

Payment Plan Options

I recognize that finances for all businesses are dubious while we wait for more updates on our ever changing Phases for reopening. You may be thinking that this is the perfect opportunity to get a mural, but financially poor timing.

No problem! Something that has always been a part of my business model has been offering payment plans so you can pay in your own time. In fact, in response to COVID-19, you can pay as little as $100/month for 2020! I'll work with you! That way we can take advantage of these shops being empty, without you burning a hole in what may be limited funds.


Pricing Breakdown - Interior

  • 0 - 100 square feet (10x10 foot wall) = $3,200

    • This is my minimum for a mural as that’s what needed to cover the rent for scaffolding, paint, my time, etc.

  • $32/square foot for murals > 100 square feet

    • So, you have a wall that’s 10x20 feet, that’s 200 square feet and thus $6,400.

  • All prices include materials and equipment + free touch ups!

Pricing Breakdown - Exterior

  • 0 - 100 square feet (10x10 foot wall) = $3,500

  • $35/square foot for murals > 100 square feet

    • A 10x20 foot wall, 200 square feet = $7,000.

  • It’s a little more expensive to do outdoor murals because I’m considering the weather, inconsistent wall textures (brick), and more frequent touch ups.

  • All prices include materials and equipment + free touch ups!


  1. Materials: Paint (standard house paint), paint brushes, rollers, rags, everything you can think of that would go toward painting the actual mural.

  2. Equipment: Ladders and scaffolding.

  3. Special COVID-19 $500 Security Deposit: This deposit goes toward your final amount and is basically insurance for my time working on the design and buying paint. Normally, I would charge a mandatory $1,000 Security Deposit.

  4. Design Changes: The final price includes 2 sets of design changes by the client (additional sketches will be $150/sketch.) I do not start a mural until the design is completely approved.

  5. Standard Design: Please see my portfolio for my typical style and design aesthetics. This is what I consider “standard” as it is not overly complicated and extra painterly (which is an option! See the Extras section).

  6. Local Travel: This includes travel within the Madison area: Madison, Middleton, Monona, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, Cottage Grove, and Stoughton.

  7. COVID-19 Safety: I will do whatever it takes so make sure the mural is done safely. See more in the section labeled “COVID-19 Safety.”


  1. Special Materials: If you want a specific type of paint or something that is not standard, such as chalkboard paint, glow-in-the-dark paint, specific red paint from London (this is a real example), I will pass that price on to you at market price.

  2. Large Equipment: For massive exterior walls that require a scissor lift, I will pass 50% of the lift rental fee onto you. In exchange, I will make anything that needs the lift a priority so we don’t need to use it for more than a day or two.

  3. Compromised Wall: If the wall is damaged before I arrive (crumbling brick, mainly), there will be an extra fee both for extra time (since it takes a longer time to paint on really poor textures).

  4. Overly Complicated Painting: Some clients would like their mural to look very painterly with added technique and attention (more complicated than a color + shadow + line). I am very happy to do this, but this requires more painting time. The extra pricing can vary, but definitely won’t exceed $40-50/square feet. (Example of “very painterly” is like this painting by Vincent van Gogh. Small brush strokes to add depth, little colors, etc.)

  5. Excessive Travel: If this is outside the Madison Area, (more than one hour driving distance), I will track and add on my mileage x $0.575, which is standard. If it’s out of state and required hotel stay, I will pass along the hotel fees to you (will likely be a Radisson or Old Western, etc).


COVID-19 Safety

  1. Overnighters: I’ll just start big right away and say that, if you are still conducting business during the day (you’re a restaurant and have food prep in the kitchen, you have one person working in the office during the day, etc), I will work on the mural throughout the night. I have no problem doing this so that I am alone in the space and away from your employees.

  2. Masks and Gloves: If there are some staff around, I will wear a mask and gloves as dictated by the CDC.

  3. Sanitizing: After each session, I will sanitize my work area (not including the wall) just in case people need to interact with my things while I’m not there (like moving scaffolding to reach something it may be covering, etc.)

  4. Skype, Discord, or Zoom Meetings: We do not have to meet face to face at all if you don’t want to! I’m very used to working remotely and often don’t meet my clients until after the job is done. Your preference!

  5. General Safety Measures: If there are any additional things you would like me to do to while in your business, I will defer to you and follow them to the best of my ability (unless it’s super whacky like wearing a welding mask or something at all times, haha!)

And That's It!

Again, I’m willing to work with you to make your space as beautiful as you can possibly imagine. I always view commissions as more of a collaboration than a sterile job and I value that communication above all else. So, please feel free to contact me via the form below and we’ll set something up! And, most importantly, thank you for thinking of me to paint your new mural!


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