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[Image ID: Single panel digital comic by T.L. Luke, black and white with grey halftones and spot reds, blues, and purples (which will be noted).

Top of the panel is a white italicized title “YOU CANNOT KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.” with a black outline for legibility. The first “KNOW” is blue and “YOU DON’T KNOW” is red. Beside that is T.L. Luke’s signature logo, also in blue. Directly under the title in a smaller font reads: “A single panel comic by T.L. Luke”. Everything is uppercase in this image.

Next, below the title/subtitle, is a black bubble with a wavy border and mostly white text within. It reads: “I was getting coffee with my mum, a life-long Republican and one of my favorite people on the planet, and brought up the Supreme Court Election on Tuesday, April 4th.” “Republican” is written in red, “Supreme Court Election” in blue, and “Tuesday, April 4th” in red again.

Below this black bubble are two women sitting at a table. On the left, with her back slightly facing the reader, is a white woman with black braided hair, black glasses, slightly parted lips, and a concerned/serious expression. She’s wearing a grey sweater and is holding a hot, dark grey cup of coffee with steam coming out the top (this is implied to be the illustrator, T.L. Luke).

Across from her is a slightly older white woman, long black wavy hair, who is also making a concerned expression with her mouth open. She’s wearing a spotted scarf and dark grey sweater, and is holding a steaming cup of coffee in a light grey mug (this is implied to be the illustrator's beautiful and amazing mother).

Out of the woman on the left’s mouth is a white word bubble that reads in black text: “I just wish y’all would nominate better GOP candidates. Dan Kelly is bad at his job on a good day. I’m embarrassed.” “Dan Kelly” is in red, “embarrassed” is underlined.

Out of the woman’s mouth on the right is a similar word bubble that reads: “I wish we would too. Not that you’re doing better with Democrats.” “Democrats” is blue.

Under the women is another black bubble like the first one with white text that reads: “But we are. The differences in competency and experience between Daniel Kelly and Janet Protasiewicz are night and day. And just like most Wisconsinites, my mum doesn’t have time to research this—but I do. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll share that info with you so you can make an informed vote!” “But we are.” Is in blue and “we are” is underlined, “Daniel Kelly” is red, “Janet Protasiewicz” is blue, “Wisconsinites” is purple, and “but I do” is underlined.

At the very bottom is text that reads: “@TL.LUKE, 2023” and “TL-LUKE.COM”.]

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