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21+, A Guide for New & Nervous Stoners on 4/20. Includes tips, tricks, and PSAs for harm reduction and cannabis education! 

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide for a Fun 4/20 Comic, Cover

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, How to Pull: Spoon Pipes

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, How to Pull: Water Pieces P1

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, How to Pull: Water Pieces P2

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, Edibles and Strains

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, DO NOT SMOKE AROUND YOUR PETS.

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, Know Your Local Laws

Auntie Luke's Stoner Guide, Have Fun!

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I love this stoner guide! Thank you for supporting safe use and educating non-judgmentally. I’d love to chat about you interest in doing more of this kind of thing.

Vanessa Beardsley

Found you at the farmer’s market and took a business card and am now exploring your website. I think the Stoner Guide is so well done and helpful. I’m 50 now and smoke much less than I did when I was younger, but I now have college age kiddos and I would not hesitate to share your guide with them. Keep doing what you do!

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