Fox Greeting Card

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What does the fox say?

Anything you want because this heckin' greeting card is blank inside and is perfect for any occasion! Lil' grumpy fox for your Grinch-y sister on Christmas? Yes! Determined fox for your quirky daughter who just graduated college? Outstanding! The fox's facial expression is just interesting enough to be just the right thing for everybody!


  • 5x7 inches (Standard Size)
  • Heavy Card Stock (Recycled)
  • Single-Fold Greeting Card
  • Blank Inside
  • 1 Black Envelope (Included)
  • Optional Handwriting Service! (Included)

Handwriting Service (Optional)

I recognize that the envelopes provided with these cards are black, which isn't very fun to write on when you don't already have a white pen. Accessibility is important to me, so included with this purchase is the option for me to write the recipient's name and/or address on the card for you in my neat, cursive or print handwriting (your preference) with my fancy white pen! That way, everyone wins! 

Just include a note at checkout if you would be interested in a custom envelope + the person's name and/or address and I'll make it happen! If it's multiple cards, please leave the best way to contact you in the note at checkout and we'll chat!