Limited Edition: We Are Seeds Postcard Pack (10 Total)

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In 2021, I had the unique opportunity to organize a scavenger hunt called We Are Seeds during Madison, Wisconsin's city-wide art installation Winter is Alive!. The prompt was to promote "global cooling" in response to the extremely concerning climate change disasters happening around the world right now.

In response, I proposed doing 10 illustrations, all with local and sustainable action items that Madisonians can do to make a greener impact on the city! With the help of Madison's Central Business Improvement District (BID), and local, woman-owned business, Billy Goat Graphics, we made low-adhesive decals that we then placed in over 50 small businesses' windows around Madison! 

In short, the goal was both to educate the public on ways that we can be sustainable that go beyond "recycle!", and to remind people to support the small businesses that they may have forgotten about after a full year of quarantining due to COVID-19. The participating small businesses then went ABOVE and beyond and donated over $1,300 worth of eco-friendly prizes for the participants who found all 10 illustrations around town! Incredible!

In honor of Earth Day 2021, I thought it would be a really nice treat to bring you a very limited edition pack of the We Are Seeds decals (there are only 25 total!), but as postcards for you to send to your friends or keep as a little Madison memorabilia! 

Sustain Dane Donation

To honor the organization where we did most of our research for We Are Seeds, we will be donating 15% of sales to Sustain DaneSustain Dane is the leading sustainability nonprofit in Dane County (where Madison, WI is located!) and we're so lucky to have them as a vocal part of our community! 

Want to learn more?

If you go to the top of this website (or if you're on your phone, click the three lines in the top left corner), click We Are Seeds Hunt for a dropdown of all 10 action items! Each of the pages have information about the action item, why it's sustainable, information about the hunt, the businesses where the original decals were located, an interactive map of the businesses, and the credits for everyone involved with the process! Wow!  

Specifics (per postcard)

  • 5x7 inches (Standard Size)
  • Heavy Card Stock (100% Recycled Paper)