WAS: Water Cleaning Postcard

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Help Maintain Water Cleaning Efforts!

Clean Lakes Alliance, Yahara CLEAN Compact, is a 20-year project to reduce phosphorus, E. Coli, and runoff in the Yahara River Watershed. They raise community awareness of the water quality in all five Yahara lakes, organize volunteers from local companies to maintain lakeshores, and provide practical advice for individuals to “help the lakes at home”.

This includes planting “deep-rooted native plants and trees” in home gardens, redirecting storm drains into home gardens, clearing away pet waste (E. Coli) and leaves (phosphorus) to reduce toxic run-off, and using sand instead of salt on ice and snow. Full list with additional resources available here.

As of May 2020, Yahara Clean Compact has published a Land Acknowledgement statement recognizing the sovereignty and land stewardship of the Ho-Chunk Nation, “along with the eleven other First Nations of Wisconsin.”

Why is this sustainable?

Clean water is central to a healthy ecosystem. Improving the water maintains native species of plants, animals, and algae, helps improve air quality, and is good for the humans who use gallons of it daily for washing, drinking, and cooking!


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