R.I.P. Furry Postcard

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Rest in Purrfection, Furry!

Back in early 2019, I drew this darling illustration for a client in memoriam of their recently deceased black cat, Furry. I loved it so much (as a fellow black cat mom) that I waived the commission fee and got permission to sell this little bean in my shop! And it completely sold out before 2019 was even over!! 

So, it felt right, after a year of isolating and feeling down, to bring back our dear R.I.P. Furry print! Perfect for black cat lovers everywhere!! 


  • 5x7 inches (Standard Size)
  • Heavy Card Stock (100% Recycled Paper)
  • Fun Fact: Black cats, while considered "bad luck" today, were held in the highest esteem during Egyptian times because they resembled Bastet, the cat-headed Egyptian goddess of home, fertility, and protection from disease.