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This boy can stay!

On Thanksgiving in 2020, I started drawing these lil' trading card inspired illustrations to show my gratitude to the boys in my life who are very soft and trying their best to distance themselves from toxic masculinity. It is a HARD THING TO DO, especially when being toxic is still pretty rewarding in our society (but less so~~~ and changing~~~).

This sticker pack is also an effort to encourage dewds (and friends of dewds) to please continue to go against society's "manly man" expectations, support marginalized groups, and be good allies. We really do need you to continue to challenge other dewds to adjust their outlooks since we sometimes cannot reach those types of people alone.

So, thank you to the soft boys out there! I see you and I want you to stay!  


  • 3 stickers per pack: 1 "Skater Boi" Soft Boy, 1 Introspective Sad Soft Boy, and 1 Newly-Out Soft Boy
  • 2.5 x 3.5 inches (Standard Trading Card Size)
  • Weatherproof & Waterproof, good to put on water bottles, cars, and anywhere else you like!
  • Easy peel back so you don't damage the edges trying to remove the backing!
  • Glitter!!! This is a glitter effect but is not real glitter, so no stress about getting glitter anywhere! Think of it like a Pokemon or MTG foil/holographic.

Card Copy

"Skater Boi" Soft Boy
[Image ID: Bust of a blond white boy, smiling with a cigarette between in his teeth, wearing a black hat and black collared shirt, snapping a picture with his smart phone with his right hand, and holding his skateboard over his shoulder with his left hand. The illustration is completely black and white except for the background of the card which is purple and glittery.]
SK8 Don't H8: looks like a punk but will be your loudest cheerleader, especially if you're new at skateboarding.
Volunteer Filmmaker: even if he's done skating for the day, this boy will offer to film you (for free) so you definitely capture that trick you've been working on.
{Just loves skateboarding so much, thinks everyone has potential. This boy can stay.}

Introspective Sad Soft Boy
[Image ID: Another bust of a blond white boy (listen, I have a type.), doing a thousand-mile stare slightly downward with pursed lips, wearing a black shirt with a white cardigan, glimpse of a chair's back to suggest he's sitting, holding a balloon. The illustration is completely black and white except for the background of the card which is purple and glittery.]
Paradise Lost: despite being successful and well-liked, this boy is just one NY Times article away from a complete breakdown.
Egyptian Cotton: is genuinely confused when people still want to be his friend even though he is extra awkward in social situations.
{Obliviously charming, well-intended worrier, very soft. This boy can stay.}

Newly-Out Soft Boy
[Image ID: bust of a black trans boy, growing in chin and upper lip stubble, a bit of acne because HRT, blushing, open mouth as if mid-speech, looking bashfully downward with his right hand scratching behind his head nervously, wearing a buttoned white blazer, French-tied white scarf, black shirt underneath, with a trans flag pin on the right side of his blazer. The illustration is completely black and white except for the background of the card which is purple and glittery.]
Back to School: this boy just went through an identity journey + is now trying to learn how to be masculine without toxicity.
Key Changes: honestly cannot wait until he can sing the baritone part in Some Nights by fun..
{Nervous but hopeful, bravely thriving, authentically himself. This boy can stay.}